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The single, only team in Mexico to only have Mexican players on the team!

3060 Chivas! This is Guadalajara's nickname - it means goat in Spanish - Las Chivas Rayadas, the striped goats! Spellista
4074 Everyday I Love You More and More In this chant you can hear about the endless passion Chivas' fans feel for their club and how they'd follow their team to the end of the world. Spellista
4106 You're Going Down, Rojinegro A song on which the fans foresee the relegation of the opposite team due to their bad position in the league. In this chant they refer to the 'Rojinegros' (Red Blacks), nickname of another mexican football team, Atlas Spellista
5953 We've Come to See You A chant on which the fans show their passion for the team and their dream of becoming champions Spellista
9354 Below NEW A short chant from Guadalajara fans, perfect for a ringtone Spellista
9359 ¡Chivas, Chivas, Chivas! NEW Supporters use this chant to awake their team through rough times. Spellista
10638 I Am Here NEW Chivas fans let their team know their always be there for them Spellista
11462 Come to See You NEW A chant on which the fans show their fidelity with the team, and reflects the wish of the supporters of seeing them as champions Spellista
12365 ¡Go Chivas, Go! In this song the fans ask the team to be at its best to get the championship Spellista
12816 Ole Ole Ole! Chivas fans reminds us of their eternal love for their club once again Spellista
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12964 Chivas of my life In this chant you can hear what Chivas fans really feel for their team Spellista
13439 Come on Flock A great chant from guadalajara fans, perfect for a ringtone. Flock is one of the nicknames of Guadalajara team Spellista
14234 Come out Rebaño! NEW In this chant Chivas' fans are asking the team to come out and play. Spellista
14492 Oooh Rebaño! A classic Chivas chant Spellista
14562 Show Some Heart! In this chant Chivas' fans are asking the player to show some heart on the field Spellista
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